It is revealed why we suffer from yo-yo effect?

It is revealed why we suffer from yo-yo effect?

After getting rid of some excess weight, we gain the same amount of weight in the most of the cases, it seems to be instantaneous. According to the latest research is has been discovered what is to blame. All women who are torturing themselves with diets and then continue failing to maintain the body shape because of a lack of willpower should calm down. The only reason why they fail to do that is the hormones. 

Such conclusion is made by Australian scientists from University of Melbourne. According to experts, they have examined 50 patients who have been actively fighting with overweight. In their 10-week experiment participants have been asked to follow a strict diet which had to help them to lose weight. As it was expected, each of them lost about 14 kilograms of weight. However, it should be noted that this is much more than it is recommended by nutritionists – they say that the rate should be from 0.5 to 1 pound of weight.

What happened next? The following year people, who participated in the experiment, have gained 5.5 kilograms on average. That’s because of appetite regulating hormones – 6 out of 9 of them made them feel constantly hungry. They fail to send the signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat.

Just like it has been noticed earlier, very aggressive diet leading to a fast loss of the weight (for our joy), makes them back very soon unfortunately. What do nutritionists advice for us who are continuously fighting with annoying yo-yo effect? We should try to get rid of the weight sensibly and don’t hurry first of all. They also recommend one basic rule – one portion can be reduced by 300 calories maximum.


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