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The team follows the strict privacy standards of the health industry. Generally we decline any requests to disclose any information to third parties except when 1) such an action is required by law, 2) you post it publically, or 3) when it is out of our control.

Gathering information

The only identity information gathers (such as name, email, or IP address) is that which you have provided in comments and contact form. It can also be found in the server logs. Our reasons for collecting information in web log form are the same as those of any other website: we need them should various site problems arise, and also in order to analyze usage trends and statistics so we can provide better services for our users. The aforementioned web logs contain your IP address, access time, accessed pages, and referrers to our site.

We employ the Google analytics service package to determine site user behaviour for the purpose of improving our services. If you feel uneasy about this, you can download the Google analytics opt-out tool here: might contain material from or link to other websites, which practice a different kind of privacy policy, such as allowing user tracking or using cookies for identification purposes. Among others these may include advertisements, banners, and facebook buttons. This may be done for several reasons, for example, in order to identify user arrival sources or in order to customize your browsing experience. We cannot be held responsible for the information these sites gather. You can avoid this by disabling cookies or allowing them one at a time. Some of the discounts we offer might be void if you disable cookies, because they are meant strictly for our readers.

Information use

We reserve the right to use personal information in order to contact you, fix site problems, and for other reasons. Such information can also be accessed by third parties that provide technical support for our site, these include our web host. We will use your personal information according to the law.

In the unlikely case that our business is sold or merges, the information we gathered might transfer to the new owners.

Linked sites and advertisements expects all sites linked on our page to respect the users’ privacy, however, you should be aware that third parties, whose links and/or advertisements can be found on our website, may use different privacy policy.

Site Use

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

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