What kind of breakfast do French women choose?

What kind of breakfast do French women choose?

Probably no one could deny that French women take lots of care of themselves. They know not only how to dress well, how to do your hair and makeup, but they also have a good knowledge of what to do in order to stay in shape. So what kind of breakfast do they choose?

Everyone should eat breakfast. Breakfast should take around 25 percent of your total daily calorie intake. French nutritionists claim that breakfast food must be properly balanced. In Paris most women start they day with a glass of juice or mineral water. These drinks “push the button” of the digestive system. Then French women drink a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. This provides with the energy and speeds up the digestive system even more.

Then it’s a turn of cheese. French women eat a few pieces of it as it provides protein, calcium, vitamins B and A. Fresh bread is essential too. The best one is made of rye bran. This bread is a great source of energy so French women eat couple of slices of bread. To make it taste better you can eat it with a bit of jam.

Citrus fruits, apples and berries are another great option for breakfast. They contain lots of useful minerals and vitamins. Avoid eating bananas if you are on diet. They have quite many calories.

It’s very important how you eat too. You should watch TV or read while eating. Time for food cannot be interrupted by any other activity. Enjoy your breakfast alone or with your family having a nice conversation.



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