Women should pay their attention to weight-loss-blockers

Women should pay their attention to weight-loss-blockers

It’s an old true that if you want to get rid of extra pounds, you should eat less and exercise more. However, it happens sometimes that even all this is done, your weight instead of decreasing or keeping the same starts to increase. According to doctors, women should NOT blame themselves very hard because it may also be their health problems, also known as weight-loss-blockers.

First of these blockers is a thyroid which normally produces hormones known to be regulating processes causing the way what the energy of our body is used for. Because of the dull work of thyroid, people may start suffering from metabolic slowdown. This syndrome is more common for women that are in their fifties. So, if all your efforts to lose some weight are useless and yet you see symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness, increased sensitivity to cold, skin dryness, you should visit your doctor. You should ask to study your thyroid and its hormones produced.

The second issue you may collide with when you are trying to lose some weight is food intolerance. There are some people that are allergic to food, like peanuts or fish and just after eating they feel allergic reactions immediately. However, rare of us imagine that our body may be also incapable to simply tolerate certain products because of the lack of some digestive enzyme. Because of that you may start feeling abdominal distension or fluid accumulation and, even more, you may become incapable to drop some extra pounds. Please, pay your attention to these symptoms: constipation, abdominal bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, eczema, mild asthma, headache, muscle or joint pain and fatigue.

If your weight stays the same not depending on the effort you make trying to drop it, you should know that sometimes woman’s body produces more male hormones than it is needed. This process leads to sugar-processing in blood disorder, which is often associated with increased fat accumulation, especially on waist of our body. So, be attentive to these symptoms: increased facial and body hair, acne, irregular periods. You should visit a gynecologist just after noticing something and ask for testing women’s and men’s hormone levels.


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